Mildene Boer Goats has been established as a breeding herd now since 2010, the goats are farmed successfully alongside a flock of Pedigree Suffolk Sheep.

The Mildene Herd currently consists of approximately 50 goats. These include breeding females, working bucks and a selection of youngsters of which some are sold and others retained into the breeding program.

The overall vision has never really changed  from the original idea. We aim to produce healthy, quality, easy care Boer goats that perform in a natural outside environment. We have aimed to improve the quality of the goats has gradually, through careful selection within the breeding program.

We aim to breed goats that have:

  • Good conformation
  • Correct markings
  • High fertility
  • Multiple births
  • Good mothering ability
  • Good growth rate
  • Early maturity
  • Disease resistance



Our goats are naturally served in single sire mating groups for a four week period in late summer when the does are at peak fertility. The young does will be mated for the first time at approximately 18 months of age.


All of the herd here at Mildene are reared on pasture and receive extra nutrition depending on current weather conditions and their stage within the breeding cycle.

Additional forage, grown by ourselves is available to them on an ad lib basis during the winter months, when the does are housed during kidding and while they are feeding their offspring.

Our goats all receive regular copper supplementation and have access to mineral supplements in order for us to try and best replicate their natural environment and diet.


The foundation stock at Mildene Boer Goats was carefully selected and acquired from disease free accredited sources. We are a high health status herd that is fully accredited with the SAC testing negative for CAE CLA and EAE.

A strict vaccination schedule is followed, whereby all goats and kids born, are vaccinated twice with Heptavac P and receive six monthly booster vaccinations.

Good stock management ensures that parasites, both internal and external, do not impact on the performance of the goats. Excellent attention to stocking rates, paddock rotation, nutrition, and selection for parasite resistant breeding stock, results in thriving healthy goats.