What We Offer

Pedigree Suffolk Sheep - From People who you can trust

The Mildene flock was started when we purchased two in-lamb ewes from an award winning established local breeder. Through carefully purchasing a small number of females and selective purchasing of rams with good conformation, fertility and performance we have carefully grown the flock to approximately 25 breeding females. We keep the majority of our ewe lambs and select at about 18 months old which will join our breeding flock as replacement breeding ewes and which will be available for sale at the end of the summer.

We select tight skinned, long bodied and deep muscled rams with good performance figures who will continue to improve the genetics within our flock moving forward. We look for Rams that produce thriving lambs that start quickly and require little or no intervention, they are fast growing and well fleshed and need to produce consistent lambs of their own.

Ours is a relatively new flock of pedigree Suffolk sheep in the grand scheme.  When starting we bought only MV accredited stock and have continued with MV accreditation, we now test regularly and are MV, CLA and EAE negative. We breed Suffolk ram lambs and shearling rams for commercial and pedigree flocks. We also often have ewe lambs and shearlings available.